Paradise Pools (Brantford, ON)

What's Next now that your Pool is OPENED?

Released: April 29th, 2020

Once your cover is off, it’s time to store it away for the summer season. We recommend storing it a plastic bin or somewhere where little critters do not have access to it. Store you winter plugs with your cover so nothing gets misplaced. (Ask us about Cover Cleanse to clean your cover before storing)

? Now it’s time to start tackling the pool. Start by filling the pool to a regular operating level (if it’s not full already) fill about 1/2 to 2/3 of the skimmer hole

? Remove any debris that you can with your leaf net and give the whole liner a good brush with your pool brush - you wanting to get the grim off the pool walls and pool bottom

? Once the pool is full, start up your pump and let the water begin to circulate. If there is any debris on the bottom of the pool, connect your pool vacuum and remove it. (DO NOT USE YOUR ROBOTIC CLEANER FOR THIS)

? Keep your pump running for a minimum of 24 hours after opening. This allows the opening chemicals we put in to do their job.

  • Please note: we do not add any pool salt upon opening

? If you pool was green (don’t panic if the pool is green, this is normal sometimes)

? and hasn’t changed colour, we recommend you add some more Pristiva Shock.

? Once your pool have had a chance to circulate for at least 48 hours or more, bring a water sample in to get tested. (you should test your water every 3 to 4 week). THE POOL TEMPERATURE NEEDS TO BE 72 DEGREES OR WARMER TO GET AN ACCURATE SALT READING. (please do not add any salt to the pool if the pool temperature is less than 72 degrees)

Please give us a call with any questions...519-750-1222