Paradise Pools (Brantford, ON)

Frequently Asked Questions


What is my first step to having an in ground pool installed?

Know your budget. We will work with you and your decisions. Keep in mind there will be other expenses like electrician, gas fitters, fencing and Brantford bylaw fees.

What are the Three “C”’s of Pool Care?

They include, circulation, chemicals and cleaning.

Circulation is the first step in the process. Circulation plays a major role in all parts of the process. Circulation of the pool water allows you to filter your water, which is cleaning. It also helps to spread the chemicals you add to the water, like stirring a cup of coffee after adding cream and sugar.

All three steps are necessary for proper pool care, but without circulation, the other two steps would be impossible.

What Makes Good Pool Circulation?

Every pool should be equipped with a pump and a filter, at the very least. Circulating the pool water is performed by your pump. The pump sucks in the water from the pool by the skimmer.

Once the water is sucked out the pool by the pump, it passes through the pump and into your filter. The filter’s job is the clean the water by filtering out particles that are making your water dirty.

After it passes through the filter, it’s pushed back into your pool through a jet, which is a little round hole in your pool (some pools have multiple jets and multiple skimmers).


What do I do after my pool opening?

Top-up your water level in the pool (if required). The pool is dirty from the winter season, you need to brush down the pool surfaces and remove any large debris before vacuuming. Ideally you want to use a manual vacuum for your first cleaning.

Run the system continuously for 48 hrs before you bring your water test in to your water care professional for computerized water test.

Balance your pool water to recommended levels as per test results. There is a good reason for doing this – saves you money and prevents future problems especially with liner and Pool Equipment.

Tip:If your pool is green, see your water care professional. We have products for easy clean-up and tips to prevent problems in the future.

For Salt Pool Customers: Your pool temperature should be 72 degrees or warmer to get an accurate reading of your salt levels.