Paradise Pools (Brantford, ON)

Pool Services

We’ll take care of your pool!

Paradise Pools offers weekly, twice weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly pool care service! We leave your pool sparkling clean and sanitized, with your entire system running smoothly and efficiently.

We open in-ground, on-ground, and above-ground pools with all types of winter covers. Save by booking your pool opening and closing together!

Please call us at 519-750-1222 for details, or use the form below to book pool service.

Pool Opening Pool Closing Repairs & Replacements

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Pool Opening

  • Clean & fold winter cover
  • Store waterbags
  • Install all fittings
  • Reinstall deck equipment
  • Hook-up pump filter & equipment (excluding heaters)
  • Start pump (if water level is high enough)
  • Replace salt cell cartridges (if required)

* Note that chemicals, and salt cell cartridges are extra

Pool Closing

  • Drain pool below returns
  • Add closing chemicals (extra charge)
  • Disconnect pool equipment
  • Blow-out the pool lines (protects pipes for the winter)
  • Install the winter cover

Pool Repair & Replacement Services

  • Unplug Pool Lines
  • Fix Pipe Leaks
  • Fix Clogged Skimmers
  • Light Replacement
  • Liner Replacements
  • Pump Removal and Installation
  • Filter Installation
  • Safety Cover Installation
  • Chlorinator Installation
  • Solar Blanket Installation
  • Restore Pool Pressure

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do after my pool opening?

Top-up your water level in the pool (if required). The pool is dirty from the winter season, you need to brush down the pool surfaces and remove any large debris before vacuuming. Ideally you want to use a manual vacuum for your first cleaning.

Run the system continuously for 48 hrs before you bring your water test in to your water care professional for computerized water test.

Balance your pool water to recommended levels as per test results. There is a good reason for doing this – saves you money and prevents future problems especially with liner and Pool Equipment.

Tip:If your pool is green, see your water care professional. We have products for easy clean-up and tips to prevent problems in the future.

For Salt Pool Customers: Your pool temperature should be 72 degrees or warmer to get an accurate reading of your salt levels.