Paradise Pools (Brantford, ON)

Pool Closing Prep.

Released: September 23rd, 2023

Before Closing Crew arrive to close:

  • Ensure you vacuum your pool and water is chemically balanced
  • We will clean your salt cell and rinse your cartridge filter if we open your pool in spring.
  • Have all pool equipment accessible for closing crew...winter plugs, cover etc.
  • If you have timer, please turn it off
  • Crew will need access to electrical plug.
  • If you have Drop in steps, please have them removed as well as any sand bags holding it in place.
  • Any additional water features that need to be winterized will be an additional cost.


We are not responsible for winter covers coming out of track or loose from water bags.

Call or email us today as days are getting booked quickly.

Last date of closing October 27 2023