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Tips to help you manage your pool amid the wildfires

Released: June 7th, 2023

Tips to help you manage your pool amid the wildfires

As many are experiencing, wildfires have been burning across the country. Did you know that the impact of these fires can wreak havoc on pools many kilometres away?

?With the amount of ash that can blow into a swimming pool, you will want to make sure they keep a close on the sanitizer level in the water. Ash in the pool will consume the chlorine/bromine very quickly. If this is not addressed, a sanitizer demand situation can develop very quickly. Sanitizer demand is simply a measure of how much sanitizer is required to maintain the desired level of available sanitizer in the water. The presence of ash from the wildfires can dramatically increase the amount of sanitizer needed on a daily basis.

You may find yourselves in a situation where a significant amount of shock is needed to break the demand. We recommend that you keep the sanitizer level between 3ppm-5ppm while the swimming pool is exposed to ash and fallout from the fires. Suggest that you test pH and chlorine/bromine daily to ensure that you are maintaining the right level in the pool.

Circulation and filtration go hand-in-hand. If ash is falling into pools, filter pressure may rise quicker than expected. When filter pressure goes up, the amount of flow through the returns goes down. To ensure the water is being circulated and filtered properly, remind customers of the following:

Backwash sand filters and rinse cartridge filters when the pressure gauge increases by 8-10psi.

Use Clarifying Tablets (sand filters only) or Filter Enhance to clarify the water if needed.

Keep the return jets angled down on a 45 degree angle. This ensures that the clean, filtered water is pushed to the bottom of the pool and allows the skimmer to pull the water that has been in contact with the ash to the filter quicker.

If left unattended, chlorine demand, poor filtration and circulation can lead to a host of water quality issues. Cloudy water, dirty water, algae are just a few of the issues you may be faced with.

Consider the following:

Maintain sanitizer levels between 3-5ppm

Monitor filter pressure and backwash when the pressure increases by 8-10psi above the normal operation pressure

Use a filter cleaning treatment for pools that are more severely affected by the wildfires, ash and smoke

Test for phosphates regularly. Ash and smoke in swimming pool water will increase phosphate levels quickly

Consider using Assure or Clear Rebound to help combat the extreme organic loading

?An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.